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Mon, Aug 28, 2017
Vol 1, Issue No. 33

Jeff Irvin, VP of Sales for CEP Compression

On the market for approximately a dozen years, compression garments are no longer solely for the performance running set. Market innovator CEP Compression, the sport/lifestyle division of Medi, one of the world’s oldest medical compression firms, sees expansion into other sport activities such as outdoor, fitness and golf, and a category growth opportunity through more fashion-forward garments.

Enter CEP’s ’80s sock, which combines a Classic stripes design (in three colors) with the advanced performance characteristics of true graduated compression, which recently launched.

“Consumers are really looking for a (compression) product that is lifestyle as well,” says Jeff Irvin, VP of Sales for CEP in discussing the emerging trend. “…We also have something new called the commuter sock. It’s an every day sock. You can wear it to wear and on the go. It’s a great travel sock…We’re really starting to see people beginning to look for a (compression) product they can use all day long and not just when they are working out.”

Irvin digs into the compression garment market and CEP’s role in advancing the category in the latest Sports Insight Extra podcast.